When You Face The Off-the-wall Questions

They want to see how well you can think on your feet. They want to see
if you’ll get rattled. They may want to test your creativity or sense
of humor. They want to challenge you. Employers who ask these goofy
questions no doubt may feel the questions do relate to job performance. In
creating stress by asking you a weird question, the interviewer may be
testing how well you’ll respond to the stress of the workplace.

The key to responding to an off-the-wall question is not to let it
rattle you. Don’t adopt a deer-in-the-headlights look if you get hit with
one of these funky queries. Simply smile, take a deep breathe, and take
a moment to compose your response. A little bit of silence is better
than blurting out something even sillier than the question. You don’t
have to brilliant. You don’t have to be witty. Just be yourself and give
an honest response. If worse comes to worst, and you absolutely cannot
think of an answer, ask if you can come back to that question later. You
may lose a few thinking-on-your-feet points, but you’ll gain points for
handling a difficult situation with poise.

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