Use Job Shadowing To Land Your Next Job

Ideal for students, recent graduates, new job seekers and
career-changers, job shadowing is a career discovery process. As a “shadow,” you
spend time on the job with someone in a career that interests you. You can
ask questions of your “subject,” or host, participate in workplace
tasks and tour the company.

To make the most of a job shadowing opportunity, you need to be

Do your due diligence on the company, industry and position before you
visit. Review the company Web site and learn about their products and
services. Research the industry and position too.

Based on your research, prepare a list of questions to ask your host.
You may even be able to arrange meetings with others in the
organization. (Be sure to ask your host if she’s comfortable with you approaching
her colleagues first.)

Last, bring multiple copies of your resume as well as business cards if
you have them. Hand out resumes on request and leave a copy with your
host when you leave.

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