Power Up Your Online Job Search By Networking

Networking is one of the best ways to tap into the hidden job market –
those great employment opportunities that are not advertised.

In the real world, networking can be a time-consuming process. Online,
you can meet and communicate with thousands of people with a single
email directly from your desktop. You can develop more contacts more
easily and access job openings that no one else knows about.

Online networking involves three steps:

* Pick a place where you’ll be comfortable. Join a discussion forum,
bulletin board or listserv where the other participants are your
professional or industry peers.

* Be respectful of the online network. Study the group’s culture and
determine how formal or informal the participants are with one another
and how they handle disagreements.

* Strut your stuff. Participate in the discussion so that you expand
your personal visibility and stature among your peers.

To get the most out of your effort, remember the Golden Rule of
networking: You have to give in order to receive. Share your knowledge,
experience and job search tips with other participants so that they’ll be
willing to share with you.

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