African American Scholarship College Education

African American Scholarship By Low Jeremy The African American population had been the most discriminated race in the country for the past decades. This resulted to fewer opportunities for the Blacks and lesser chances for them to prove their worth. And the worst hit was their opportunity to study. Meanwhile, the new generation of African

Famous African American Models

The Black/White Ideal of Beauty In a 2004 paper, “Emulated Through Images: The Globalization of Misconstructed African American Beauty and Hip-Hop Culture”, written by Kerri Reddick-Morgan from Georgia State University, the ideals of Black and White beauty are briefly but concisely discussed and compared based on evidence found in popular media and throughout history. The

Famous African American Men

Famous African American Men Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806) Mathematician, Inventor Born on November 9, 1731 near Elliott City, Maryland, Benjamin Banneker was one of America’s greatest intellectuals and scientists. Benjamin Banneker was an essayist, inventor, mathematician, and astronomer. Because of his dark skin and great intellect he was called the “sable genius.” Benjamin Banneker was a