Make Your Job Search Confidential

  * List your home address and phone number (or cell phone number) on
your resume. Don’t include your business contact information.

  * Create an email account specifically for your job search.

  * Be cautious when responding to blind job ads. If the company sounds
just like your current employer, they may be one and the same.

  * Many companies monitor employee computer usage. Use a home computer
or visit an Internet cafe for doing an online job search. Most libraries
also offer free computers, printers and online access.

  * Stay away from the office fax machine, printer and photocopier too.
It’s easy to leave a copy of your resume or cover letter in one of them.
Again, use a home office, local library or copy shop.

  * Make job-search-related phone calls from your home or cell phone. If
you use a cell phone, don’t call from your place of employment. You
never know who’s within earshot.

  * Unless you wear one every day, don’t show up at your current job
sporting a fancy suit. Bring a change of clothing or conceal your jacket or
tie (for men) in a bag.

  * Try to avoid interviewing during business hours. Schedule interviews
before or after work or over lunch. You can also schedule multiple
interviews on one day and then take personal or vacation time.

  * One final – and important – rule of thumb: Never tell co-workers
you’re looking for a new job. Even the most trusted confidants can
inadvertently blow your cover.

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