We’re an international hotel company whose goal is to create Great Hotels Guests Love.

The big picture is 7 hotel brands, over 130 million stays per year, more than 650,000 rooms and over 4,500 hotels across more than 100 countries. Our people lie at the heart of our business the ones who make a difference, the ones who listen, learn and work to ensure our customers receive outstanding service and memorable experiences. With more rooms in an ever growing portfolio of hotels in more and more locations, we can offer you more opportunity, more variety, and more support for your career.

We’ve made a commitment to our people to create an environment and culture where they can give their best and make a difference. We call it Room to be yourself. We may all work for different brands, speak different languages and like different things, but we’re all passionate about something. Whether your passion is karaoke or canoeing, we promise to give you an environment where you can bring the same amount of energy and enthusiasm to your job, and bring your unique personality to work.

Whichever of our brands you work for at IHG, we promise to give you Room to be yourself and to value you for the contribution you make to our success.

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