Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., is located in Oklahoma City, and started as an outgrowth of Greco Products.

Hobby Lobby is now considered a leader in the arts and crafts industry.

With 531 stores across the nation, Hobby Lobby offers more than 65,000 crafting and home decor products in its stores. They manufacture store fixtures, candles, scented products, art canvas, picture frames, and houses product packaging facilities. They employ over XXXX people across America.

Jobs at Hobby Lobby range from managers to designers and from analyst to drivers. However, most of the work opportunities posted on DiversityWorking.com for Hobby Lobby are in the field of Senior Assistant/Trainee Managers, Store Managers, Carpenters, Mechanics or Drivers.

Hobby Lobby hiring managers require people with good command in English Language for various job listings.

If you are interested in working for Hobby Lobby, please choose the area of employment at the left that best matches your qualifications. You will be given information there to help you pursue that type of position.

Hobby Lobby is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We conduct drug & alcohol testing compliant with applicable statutes. For reasonable accommodation of disability during the hiring process call (877) 303-4547.

Click here to view Hobby Lobby Stores’ current jobs : Hobby Lobby jobs

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