Get To Know Your Prospective Employers Well

Thousands of employers post jobs online, and each company is a unique
organization. To optimize your prospects for success, you must pick an
employer that has the right opportunity for you and a management style
and culture where you’ll be comfortable.

There are several ways you can pinpoint the right employer for you:

  * Ask friends and colleagues to name the two or three best companies in
your area.

  * Check the local Chamber of Commerce Web site to see which companies
have received awards.

  * Search online to find press releases by and about companies in your

  * Check the online archives of your local newspaper to see which
companies are making the news.

Once you’ve identified a few top prospects, visit their corporate Web
sites. Many employers now host career sections where you can research
their working environment, approach to employee development, reward
structure, commitment to diversity and other factors that will determine how
well you will fit in.

Use the href="">Organizations page of DiversityWorking to conduct your employer search.

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