Enhance Your Skills To Boost Your Job Search

* Developing your writing, speaking, planning and organizational skills
can make you a stronger candidate and help you find a job. Plus, these
skills can make your job search go more smoothly.

* Strong presentation skills can help you interview and network more
effectively. In some positions, presentation skills are a job
requirement. But these skills will serve you well in almost any job.

* Effective time management makes you a more productive person, period.
Honing this skill can help speed your job search and make it go more
smoothly. It’ll also show an employer that you’ll be a productive worker
who can prioritize projects and accomplish tasks.

* Nearly 24 million Hispanic workers will be employed in the United
States by 2012, predicts the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Spanish-speaking employees will likely be in higher demand than ever. And Spanish
language skills can make you a more marketable job candidate.

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