Contact Employers Directly

There are several methods and combinations of methods that can be
utilized to contact employers directly.

  * Send a letter of application and your resume to the Human
Resources department or specific managers. This direct contact method is most
successful for candidates in high-demand fields (e.g., engineering and
computer science). The success of this method is greatly increased when
letters are followed up by phone calls, which may result in an
invitation to visit the employer.

  * Contact managers in organizations by phone or letter to request
an appointment to discuss the information you have obtained by reading
annual reports, trade literature, etc. For example: “I understand XYZ is
planning to expand its foreign market. I am completing an international
business degree and am very interested in this expansion. It seems a
very progressive move. May I have 20 minutes of your time to discuss it?”
Indicate your desire to meet with them even if they have no positions
currently available in their department. Some job seekers find it useful
to state that they will be looking for jobs in the near future, but are
now just gathering information about organizations. Do not expect to be
interviewed for a job at this juncture.

  * During your appointments with department managers, emphasize your
knowledge and interest in their organizations.

  * Always follow up all interviews with thank-you letters, phone
calls, and, when appropriate, resumes that have been revised based on
information and suggestions provided by managers.

  * Even if managers have no positions available, once they have had
a personal interaction with you, they may think of you the next time
they have, or hear of, an appropriate opening. It is critical to stay in
touch with these managers, at least on a bi-monthly basis.

  * Many job seekers have used informational interviewing to create
new positions by identifying organizational needs (through the
interview, research, etc.) and proposing these needs be filled with their own

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