Concurrent Technologies Corporation

As a nonprofit organization, we are uniquely qualified to provide clients with unbiased, in-depth assessments. CTC delivers the best total solution for each client by bringing together the right scientists, engineers, business talent, technology transfer experts, and more . . . concurrently . . . so that the process is cost-effective as well as thorough and efficient.

As a nonprofit, we have also been able to take bold steps . . . such as designing and installing the most advanced equipment and operating a variety of testbeds and laboratories . . . in pursuit of leap-ahead solutions to support fast-changing military, industrial, and business needs. CTC has made the requisite investment to reduce client risk and ensure excellence.

Key Facts


    • CTC serves our client base with more than 1,300 scientific, technical, and business professionals in over 50 locations across the nation.


  • CTC operates Centers of Excellence, large scientific programs, and other major scientific and technical initiatives on behalf of the government. All of the programs performed by CTC are awarded through the acquisition process established by the executive branch and in compliance with all government regulations.

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