Avoid These Interview Bloopers Part 2

4. Showing up late or too early: One of the first lessons in job-search
etiquette is to show up on time for interviews. Many job-seekers don’t
realize, however, that showing up too early often creates a poor first
impression as well. Arriving more than 10 minutes early for an
interview is a dead giveaway that the job seeker has too much time on his or
her hands, much like the last one picked for the softball team. Don’t
diminish your candidate desirability by appearing desperate. Act as if
your time were as valuable as the interviewer’s. Always arrive on time,
but never more than 10 minutes early.

5. Treating the receptionist rudely: Since the first person you meet on
an interview is usually a receptionist, this encounter represents the
first impression you’ll make. Don’t mistake low rank for low input.
Often that receptionist’s job is to usher you into your interview. The
receptionist has the power to pave your way positively or negatively before
you even set eyes on the interviewer. The interviewer may also solicit
the receptionist’s opinion of you after you leave.

6. Asking about benefits, vacation time or salary: What if a car
salesman asked to see your credit report before allowing you to test drive
the cars? That would be ridiculous, and you’d walk away in disgust. The
effect is about the same when a job-seeker asks about benefits or other
employee perks during the first interview. Wait until you’ve won the
employer over before beginning that discussion.

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