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African American Scholarship

By Low Jeremy

The African American population had been the most discriminated race in the country for the past decades. This resulted to fewer opportunities for the Blacks and lesser chances for them to prove their worth. And the worst hit was their opportunity to study.

Meanwhile, the new generation of African Americans is slowly entering the world of the all-White dominated society including the all-White fields such as Medicine, Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, and Business. However, the African American�s participation in these mentioned fields is still unnoticed. There is still a great need for African American to take a significant chunk of pie in order to get noticed and be recognized. Although we can say that there are some African Americans who are outshining others in their fields, this is not enough.

Good thing, there are several institutions that are dedicated to provide the African American population with a good opportunity to study and become great in their own chosen fields.

For one, the United Negro College Fund has been helping African Americans to acquire education for years. They have awarded financial aids worth that go directly to 39 Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the United States. They have been receiving money for various organizations that are willing to help the African Americans to go to school. Two main sponsors are The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds and the Bank of America.

What are the 39 Historically Black Colleges and Universities?

The 39 Historically Black Colleges and Universities are schools wherein African Americans can study with relatively low tuition fee (as much as 52%) compared to other schools in the country. And with relatively low tuition fee, it never means that these schools are some backcountry community colleges. Some of these schools are well known such as Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.

And with the increasing involvement of women in the world, there are institutions that provide African American women to study and finish with a degree. The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women�s Clubs, Inc. has 2 scholarships to be awarded to women who want to pursue undergraduate studies.

Another Scholarship institution that focuses in supporting African American students who want to pursue in the field of Science or Technology is the Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology.

There are more out there. If you are persistent enough, you will be able to find one for you.

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African American Scholarships

HBCUCONNECT.COM is excited to be offering several $1,000.00 academic scholarships to: African Americans or Minorities attending a Historically Black College or University.

Next Deadline: December 1st, 2006
Academic Year: 2006-2007
Award Amounts: $1,000.00
* Must attend or enroll into an HBCU
* Graduating High School Senior
* Transfer Student going into HBCUs
* Current Student enrolled full-time
* African American
* Native American
* Hispanic American

Scholarships are awarded to recipients for one academic year. The scholarship will cover up to $1000.00 of the student’s tuition for the current academic year as posted by the financial aid office of the university or college. The scholarships are made through the designated school and are not transferable to other academic institutions. The funds are to be used for tuition only and may not be used for other costs on the recipient’s bursar bill.

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