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How to Turn Interviews Into Job Offers

Ask your interviewer powerful questions about the company and its needs regarding the position for which you’re interviewing. Listen carefully and try to hear what she is really telling you. Respond enthusiastically and carefully with ways in which your particular skills will fulfill those needs. Near the close of the interview, share a few of

Social Networking Can Improve Your Job Search

Social networking compliments traditional job search strategies by taking them to the next level by raising your online presence. Social networking can enhance your professional reputation and increase your chances of being considered first when people are searching for new talent. It can also provide you with a great space for exchanging business ideas, innovations,

Job Application Follow Up

The no. 1 mistake most applicants make, as experts agree, is failure to show initiative, eagerness and drive by following up after applying for a job. Employers value initiative and enthusiasm. And in the online job realm, following up can be your way to stand out from the crowd. How you follow up is less

Job Hunting? Go Google Yourself

A growing number of hiring managers now search Google for information on potential candidates before making a job offer. If they come up with anything derogatory or unflattering, the company might use that information to make decisions about whether to hire people. So Google yourself to see what comes up — and what potential employers

Resume Formats: Which is the Right One?

There are basically two kinds of resumes: chronological and functional. The chronological resume format is designed to present your career information by dates, beginning with your present or most recent position. This resume format stresses the positions you have held and the companies where you have worked. The chronological resume format is most appropriate for

Should you call employers in person or on the phone?

Most employers don’t mind taking a phone call and may give you 10 or 15 minutes to answer your questions. In fact, most seem to prefer phone calls. Using the phone is also quicker and cheaper than calling in person. Also you can contact more employers over a wider geographic area in less time. If

Post Your Resume Sparingly

It is tempting to go to every job site you can find and post your resume. Focus on quality, not quantity. If you believe you must post your resume online, hand-pick just a handful of sites that have good privacy policies and a good track record. Choose sites that other people working in your profession

Getting Ready for the Job Hunt

Know thyself thoroughly. Being very clear about the kind of job profile you are looking for is very important. This will ensure that you don’t end up moving to the wrong profile and position. Make an inventory of your skill sets and understand your own capabilities. Start by making a list of likes and dislikes.

Resume Tip : Posting your Resume Privately

Most job sites offer anonymous posting that lets you mask your contact information when you post a resume. This option allows you to decide who sees your real information, such as your home address. Masking this information is perhaps the single most important step job seekers who want to post a resume online can take

Avoid These Interview Bloopers Part 4

10. Failure to match communication styles: It’s almost impossible to make a good first impression if you can’t communicate effectively with an interviewer. But you can easily change that situation by mirroring the way the interviewer treats you. For instance:   * If the interviewer seems all business, don’t attempt to loosen him/her up with a