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Conducting a Job Search is a Job Itself

Finding a job that’s right for you is not always easy. Job search requires time, patience and motivation in order to set the tone for future job offers and your ultimate satisfaction with your new employer.

From Net to Network

Do not underestimate the power of networking. Vast majority of job openings are never advertised. In fact, online applications account for only 21% of company hires, while over 50% of hires come from some form of networking. So don’t just post your resume. Boost your job search by meeting people who can provide support, information,

Use Email Signature

Include an email signature at the end of every email you send to make it easier for hiring managers to find your contact information. An email signature should include the following information: your name, job title, email address, mailing address and phone number. Keep signatures simple and avoid fancy fonts, colors or graphics.

Update Your Resume Often

Update your resume as often as possible to feature your most recent job, new skills and knowledge acquired. Even if you’ve remained in the same job, you’ve probably attained noteworthy accomplishments. Most experts recommend updating your resume from once a year to as frequently as every six months. A resume that reflects a complete, up-to-date

Mentoring – A Great Way to Network

Consider engaging in a mentoring relationship. Having someone more experienced in your industry can boost your job search. Mentors can guide and teach you new skills and knowledge which can translate into better career advancement.

Target Your Job Search

Determine which industries, types of positions and geographic areas you will target. The next step is to identify potential employers that are of most interest to you. If your job search has a focus to it, the right doors will open more quickly.

Getting Organized on Your Job Search

Organizing important names and telephone numbers on your job search is very helpful. When you later need these informations to follow up on resumes and interviews, you don’t need to waste a great deal of time and effort searching.

The Most Effective but Most Overlooked Job-Hunting Strategy

Along with networking, you should research promising and related organizations in your career field then visit their corporate websites. Companies only pay to advertise their hard-to-fill jobs. The rest of their job openings may be listed directly at their websites.

The Thank You Letter

Employers say they geared favorably toward an applicant by a thank you letter. Yet most job hunters overlook this entirely. The letter of thanks for a job interview is your last chance to make a vivid impression on the employer who may hire you.

Research a Prospective Employer

You should spend some time researching a prospective employer’s web site. Make sure you understand the company and see if you can envision yourself working there.